Vivo Life Sciences - In Brief

VIVO Life Sciences (VLS) Pvt. Ltd. started by a first generation entrepreneur, Anil K Sharma in the year 2011 offers a focused approach towards providing customer – centric and concept driven solutions in gynaecology domain.

Born with the Vision, “To Establish Leadership through Customer Relationship in Focused Therapies “ VLS is reputed as a pharma entity that drives business through innovative customer bonding methods and high end gynaecology concepts in Pre, Peri and Post pregnancy as well as in other Women Health areas

VLS specializes in a highly individualized service approach for bonding with close to 5000 Gynaecologists across the country.

As a small yet highly progressive company that has specialized products, individualized services and a sophisticated approach, VLS has all the makings of a boutique establishment.

The reason why we call ourselves, Vivo Life Sciences (VLS) – The Boutique Pharma

Join us in our journey
Anil K Sharma
Managing Director