For Us, You Are Family and so is Your Family

God Forbid! If Anything Happens to You, We comfort your family with a substantial Accidental Insurance on mortality for you that is

  • 10 lacs on joining and 20 lacs on completion of 1 Year at PS level,
  • 20 lacs at ABM and RBM level,
  • and 30 lacs at ZBM level

Even if you are involved in an Accident and need treatment, we cover you with an Accidental Mediclaim of Rs. 1 Lac

Other than accidental mortalities or injuries, we provide for your family in case of your demise. We have Term Insurance for Managers which is Rs 20 Lacs for First and Second Line Managers, Rs. 30 Lacs for Third Line Managers. And for Product Specialists, it is again based on performance. Again, an Industry first.